Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 62


  • Algebra ch 6 lesson 2 (still doing well)
  • Greek
  • Vocabulary
  • Latin cards
  • Reading (but I'm not sure exactly what he read so I will have to ask him)


  • MCP Math ch 7 lesson 2 (plus a review problem)
  • Handwriting practice with me (we started with a spelling test, but he was having a bad day, so we moved to phonogram review)
  • Spelling Cards
  • verbal declensions (rusty on those, too)
  • Reading Red Planet


  • counting crystals
  • whiteboard markers


  • numbers up to 12 -- matching cards

In general, reality hit. This time of year always seems to be hard for me. Plus it's always hard in general to transition from planning mode (daydreaming!) to actually doing it (reality). Plus we have another busy week ahead of us and the time in the car makes me nauseated for the rest of the day (whining now!)

I'm going to stay in observation mode and see if this is something we can get past or if we need to make adjustments.

In the mean time we did the very minimum basics and I can look for informal things to strew and do to enrich this very sparse academic day.

Aidan is supposed to have speech therapy today but I'm waiting to see if I can muster up the energy to call and make arrangements for the meeting. First, though, I need a bath!


I played many games of SET with the younger kids.

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