Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 61

We started off slowly today since it's been a couple of weeks since we did much formal stuff.

Sean did Algebra, chapter 6 lesson 1. He did really well.

Kieron did Chapter 7, lesson 1 in MCP Math -- about multiplying fractions. His lack of fluency in writing slows him way down, and contributes to him moving off task, which is where I think the SWR curriculum has a point. My kids always learn to read much faster and better than they can write, which slows them down at the middle school stage (then they move forward again at high school, but still, we spin our wheels a bit too much).

I gave them both a daily activity card -- starting in the January section right after Thanksgiving. It was sort of like Boggle -- making words out of letters and then making sentences out of the words. They seemed to enjoy it and it fits a bit into the "copia" category.

Sean did Greek and Vocabulary. He is reading a book about dueling that his friend lent him.

Kieron has been listening to Redwall books on tape.

So I'm calling that a day.

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