Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day 49

I can't believe we're almost at the end of the 10th week! Blogging this is really working well for me -- seems to help me think better.


  • no math today since he finished chapter 5 in Jacob's Algebra.
  • Latin -- I gave him a written quiz -- he did OK.
  • He read King Solomon's Ring and narrated quite extensively, so I did not have him do a written narration.
  • chapter 2 of Book of Discovery.
  • first chapter of Lighthouse at the End of the World by Jules Verne -- this is the child who goes from reading 2 books a day to barely reading at all, and right now he's on a no-reading phase.
  • Greek
  • Vocabulary.
  • He actually didn't do any writing today but he did look over his writing for yesterday. I'm having him do the writing in the form of a learner's journal, not organized yet.
  • He helped me make molasses cookies (this is the time of year!!)


  • Math -- subtracting fractions with regrouping -- very complicated. It will get easier with multiplication and division.
  • Started reading Ian Seraillier's Beowulf.
  • Spelling -- discussed more spelling rules -- soon I'll start him on the actual spelling.
  • He is rereading the Prydain Chronicles.
  • That was about it, except for painting Bionicle masks, which was where his attention was mostly today. I may try to read to him from some of his school books this afternoon.


  • wrote some letters
  • drew some pictures
  • review and half a lesson in 100 EZ lessons
  • we did some handwriting/wordbuilding
  • math -- numbers up to 20.

Paddy was sick today, so this other stuff was done in between holding Paddy's head while he threw up, and reading him stories. We read:

  • The Pig Who Saw Everything
  • Two Greedy Bears
  • Annie and the Wild Animals.
  • Harry and the Lady Next Door
  • Harald and the Great Stag
  • Brave Irene

Then I got out the books on tape so he could listen on his own
  • Dinosaurs (easy reader by Peggy Parish)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Go Dog Go

  • Then he fell asleep, and when he woke up he did some stickers in a notebook I gave him, and then felt better.

We all went to the library (Paddy stayed in the car with Clare) and then to the market to buy him some sprite.

Now the boys are playing Bionicles and Aidan is helping his dad build a weight bench.

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