Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Baldwin Project Books

I wonder how the books are used in Main Lessons? (just pondering). Do Waldorf schools have "spine texts" and then draw main lesson topics from that? Or do they just pick excerpts from the books? Anyway, here are a few that I thought might be of interest for my crew this year. I was over there looking for stories that will go with the progym.

At first glance, the first four books look better suited for CW Aesop, and the second set looks better for CW Homer.

Nursery Book of Bible Tales
Jataka Tales
Tales of the Romans (Plutarch)
Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts

Chaucer Story Book
Stories of Don Quixote
Stories of Beowulf
Stories from Wagner (Flying Dutchman)
Story of the Bible

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