Monday, October 29, 2007

Forecast for the Week

I'm going to start writing out what the week holds just to see if it helps me juggle all those plates a bit better. (Plates! Liam said there was a knife juggler at a variety show at his college this weekend! Yikes!)

  • Monday, today, the occupational therapist and then the regular trip to the library and the market. We go to the market once a week to let each child pick out a treat -- longstanding tradition.
  • Tuesday, some of us will be running errands half the day. Clare has to get her braces and Aidan has a clinic.
  • Wednesday -- Halloween
  • Thursday -- Holy Day -- visit Liam possibly. I was going to let the kids have the day off but with all the other things happening this week I am not sure if we can afford to. Maybe do some kind of Main Lesson or intensive and drop the regular classes, for variety.
  • Friday-- things going on most of the day -- homeschool Stations, and a doctor's appointment.
  • Saturday -- playoff game? (we don't know yet if they made the playoffs)
For the actual weather, it is thundery today!

ETA: In future forecasts, I will try to put something about what is high in priority for the week. For this week, right off the cuff, I would say just keeping somewhat of a still center with all the busy-ness and, hmm, well, sugar! Other priorities: getting that firewood stacked (Brendan has commissioned himself with doing the bulk) and getting Sean's writing program off the ground.

And starting some semblance of Novel in a Month starting November 1st.

And doing SOMETHING for the liturgical year -- thinking of having Kieron read some of the Catholic Mosaic picture books -- fun and pretty easy.

Then at the end of the week, I can journal about hits and misses.

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