Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 43

This morning was a hurried one. I got up a bit late because I was up late the night before. Aidan's OT was expected at noon, which meant we needed to get the house clean by then, and I had to make a phone call, and the kids badly wanted me to go to the library before the OT came because they were hoping a movie they had requested was in (it turned out not to be).

On the bright side, cleaning the house is scheduled on Monday's agenda, and the rest of the things I plan on that day are generally things where a bit of hurry isn't fatal. We managed to get through almost everything, though I didn't have much time for the little ones. The little ones were unusually self-directed today and played productively while I was getting through everything else.

The only things the older children didn't get to that I had planned were: Kieron -- updating his timeline; Sean -- starting to read Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.


  • Algebra
  • Greek (up to lesson 17)
  • Vocabulary (lesson 43) -- I told him to study for a spelling test tomorrow
  • Latin -- declensions -- still stuck on them -- I really want him to get them down but it seems to be a lock with the methods we are using.
  • Earth Science -- Stars and Galaxies
  • Mere Christiantiy
  • King Solomon's Ring
  • Weekly chores -- he is my helper and the window and monitor washer this week.
  • Also, I told him to plan a short paper on a topic of his choice. We discussed his own goals for increasing writing correctness and fluency. Apparently he really wants to tune-up his skills. So his assignment today was to think about it. Tomorrow I'll have him sit and brainstorm, I guess. Then write Wednesday, revise Thursday, and turn in the final draft on Friday.


  • He was somehow inspired to do a Grade A plus job on his job, which was tidying and dusting the upstairs. It looks like I did it, which does happen to be the gold standard around here still since Liam left (though Brendan is a runner-up). He even made his bed and tidied his area without being asked.
  • Greek -- he is up to page 109 now on Book 2.
  • Handwriting -- on page 10
  • Latin -- reciting first declension and "sum". Then we went over the first five grammar cards. Then I had him put the cases in order (NGDAA) then match them with their significants (subject, possessive, indirect case (to/for), direct object, and by/with. I think I understand the set-up of Latina Christiana better now that I am trying to teach Henle as a beginner's book. The two kids simply coast on the vocabulary, because we spent all our Latin time last year learning that. But if they had gotten those declensions down everything would be so much easier. I tell ya, Aidan and Paddy are going to get those down by next year! Joking, but Kieron has such fun reciting "terra" orally that I wish I'd just done it for five minutes 3 times a week with him last year.
  • Math -- adding fractions with like denominators -- easy.
  • Spelling notebook -- the first page -- from Writing Road to Reading. This is a combination remedial handwriting and spelling course. I did a similar one with Brendan about 8 years ago, -- it made a huge difference in his fluency and confidence level. He took off after that. But it's SO not the kind of thing I enjoy doing.
  • Then I had him read about Leif Erikson in the Rainbow Book of American History, and
  • Color his map of North America (finally)
  • He finished Beorn the Proud over the weekend.
  • Read Alouds -- we've finished The Secret Cave and are on chapter 3 of the Flying Dutchman.

  • Lesson 17 of 100 Easy Lessons.
  • Wrote letters on piece of paper.
  • Thinking Skills/Speech (bigger, smaller, behind, in front of, shapes, etc)
  • Clock (I made him one out of cardstock and he loved it). I'm going to try to get him used to the clockface so I can use the terminology in WRTR about 2 o'clock -- I think the verbal instructions will help his motor processing a LOT.
  • Productive Play -- used the suitcase carrier and planned 'trips".
  • OT -- cranio sacral therapy, working on pincer grip, drawing lines down and across (working on accuracy)
  • Library and market.

  • Tintins.
  • Listened to Flying Dutchman with Kieron.
  • Duplos.

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