Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 44

We zipped a bit because there are going to be various interruptions during the rest of the day. Still, we got the basics done. But the basics can be demoralizing when they are done in condensed form; I could feel discouragement coming from Sean, and Kieron was quite distracted because his oldest brother gave permission for him to use his Lego robot, so he was full of plans for how to modify it.


  • Algebra (I accidentally had him do a lesson from an earlier chapter yesterday --blush-- the graphing review didn't hurt, but still -- it is irritating). Anyway, today we proceeded with Area and Perimeter equations.
  • Latin -- quiz on the declensions, noting patterns. He is getting them down a bit better. Next week perhaps we'll be able to move on.
  • Greek
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling Test on vocabulary lessons 30-39. He aced it.
  • Gave him Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea -- he remembers the movie.
  • Mere Christianity.
  • Taking notes for short paper.


  • Math (fractions with unlike denominators)
  • Latin verbal review, starting on 2nd declension masculine.
  • Discovery of New Worlds -- Vesuvius -- he gave a great running commentary, bringing in other sources he has read.
  • Then we marked it on the timeline, but he was distracted by the robotics by then. Another time I will have him draw a volcano to put on the timeline, but today was definitely not the day.
  • If I have time I will do a bit of the spelling notebook with him, but probably not writing today -- too hurried -- instead, I will go over some of the rules with him: "qu", "c" and "g" before "i, e, and y".
  • Robotics! (counts for science!)
Clare is too nervous about her upcoming dental appointment to do any work, so she was playing her fiddle, talking about Logic with us and playing with and reading to Paddy.

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