Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day 26

Sean got the basics done: Algebra, Henle Latin, Greek, Vocabulary. Then he read Prentice Hall Earth Science and he is also continuing to read Lamb's Shakespeare. We started reviewing ID of countries in North America. That part goes easily.

Kieron did things a bit differently today. I had him do an online spelling test, and a multiplication speed drill (he is MUCH faster and more automatic than last year). Then he did a couple of multiplication games online. I worked with him on countries of North America too.

We are sort of tight on time because Sean and Aidan have therapy appointments down in town in the early afternoon.

To do: Think about spelling with Kieron, and the writing program with both of them. Also, some Kolbe paperwork.

Aidan and Paddy did a bit of HWT with the letterforms. I read bits of the first My Book Shelf to Paddy yesterday and it went well. I also read a whole pile of board books to Aidan. I ccan count that as math because several of them were shapes and counting. I notice that Aidan has a very auditory approach but picks up on sounds more than meanings. He loves the rhyming books. If I could invent a reading curriculum for him, it would be a bunch of separate (and nicely, not stupidly, illustrated) nursery rhymes in the form of board books, and flashcards to go along.

Nota Bene: In general, this day is a bit too loose for my comfort level but much of that can be attributed to me not prepping things ahead of time. The day goes so much more smoothly when I do spend a few minutes setting up a bit MORE than is needed. Also, I have to admit that I typically stop being thrilled about the plans by about this time and so it may be needed to plan some variety just for MOM's sake.

Another thought -- a slack-off or interlude might just be part of the normal course of things and maybe trying to force through it leads to burnout? Just occurred to me.

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