Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Learning Log

Sean -- reading Lord of the World (a bit slower going than some of the other recent reads)

Kieron -- read King Arthur, and also found GK Chesterton's Favorite Father Brown Stories which he asked if he could read. Well, he's a bit young to get full value, isn't he? But if he's like his older siblings, he'll reread them again and again. He has been watching some of the TV series version at night with the older set. He also worked on his "epic" (but he needs to learn something about punctuation and mechanics).

Brendan still reading huge tome about the Communist Revolution.

Clare got Pope Benedict's book about Jesus from the library.


  • Mozart from the library (Violin Sonatas, also concerto for Claviers), Joshua Bell: Voice of the Violin, and Beethoven: Missa Solemnis, op 123. Also Clancy Brothers ballads.
  • Clare and I played Irish folk songs together from the Clancy Brothers songbook, she on violin and me on guitar.


  • Kevin is watching The War by Ken Burns and the older set watched it with him, though I think Sean fell asleep.

  • Snow last night; rainy in general. Aidan wants to be outside all the time; with his umbrella. CM would love his attitude! We brought the scooters out once.


  • Looking through Ambleside booklists for Sean. I think we are going with Year 8 after all, adapted to Catholics with some Mater Amabilis. It was AO year 7 that we did a fair bit of last year, which works out great. And year 8 covers the exact time period I wanted to focus on. That's settled, anyway. Don't you like the way I get this figured out about a month after we start! But when I used to get it all planned in spring, it had lost the fun by this time anyway.
  • Practiced classical guitar -- I'd like to say it was inspiring for the kids, but I doubt if it was since it's been such a long time since I've played. (and now I'm remembering why -- all the little helper musicians raise my blood pressure -- what kind of a mom am I!)

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