Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 21

Sean, age 14:

  • Algebra -- Linear Functions
  • Latin -- pretty intense review. I'm trying to think of varied ways to approach the review so it covers all bases -- so much to remember with these declensions.
  • Greek
  • Vocabulary l. 22 -- also did spelling test based on last 10 Lessons, only missed one -- apparently I have never taught either of my middle boys that Q is always followed by U in the English language.
  • Then he read a bit of Mere Christianity and surveyed the Introduction to Traditional Logic (we started it last year but will have to review).

Kieron, 11:

  • Latin -- review -- composing sentences with a S/DO/V construction, and Quia,
  • Handwriting -- Italics F
  • Math -- for this I wrote numbers on small squares of cardstock, and we used these to do addition with large numbers, so the writing part doesn't get in the way for now. It varied the pace a bit, and Aidan really liked the little squares too.
  • Read: First section of Discovery of New Worlds. Enjoyed it and made connections spontaneously.
  • Continent labelling.... goal is to get where he can ID them spontaneously.... see 3 Period lesson.

  • I tried him with a Bob book. Middling success. I am experimenting with teaching reading just by reading. Wouldn't it be lovely!

Aidan and Paddy together:

  • Starfall -- played for quite a while, first with me then with Kieron.
  • Occupational Therapy visit--
  • They painted stripes, then cut them out.
  • Also worked with her and the HWT letterforms -- very good progress.
  • Scooted on scooters.
Then we went to the library, post office and market.... literary discussions and reminiscences about books read and loved in the past. Oh yes, and everyone did their weekly chores, and I gave Sean some on-the-job training on bathroom cleaning (his chore routine was set when he was about seven -- )

So quite a full day -- I am tired!

Churchill's History of the English-Speaking Peoples arrived today! We had the Neville Commager version but not the whole set.

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  1. I didnt even know you had this blog. I love seeng detailed homeschool plans. Im thinking of doing this myself.
    Thanks for the peek!