Tuesday, August 07, 2007


No formal academics.

In the morning I played Robo Rally with Liam, Sean and Kieron. This game actually involves a lot of programming-type logic and strategy. Liam usually wins, but this time Sean got ahead by just a bit and took the game.

In the afternoon I took Kieron, Aidan and Paddy to the lakeshore and they played in the sand and water.

Clare started a new blog devoted to family doings.

I forgot to mention it before, but Liam has been showing Kieron how to use Torque Game Builder a bit.

Sean went to the doctor and she said he has torn a muscle in the back of his leg.... puts him out of the first part of the season. Three to four weeks before he can play. But he is still going to daily practices to be part of the team even though sitting out of uniform on the sidelines.

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