Friday, May 11, 2007

Day 63

A 5 pound barbell fell on Sean’s foot yesterday evening just as we got home from T ball. I won’t describe how it looked. We decided to hold off on Urgent Care since it is 60 miles away and from what I read online, there isn’t much to do with a broken toe, supposing it was broken, besides what we could do at home — Motrin, bacitracin for the bleeding, elevation, and ice. And that is what we did.
So early today we zipped down to the doctor just to double-check. Sure enough, that was about it for the treatment protocol. There is not much they customarily do and she said for that reason X Rays were not necessary, which is fine with me. He is going to be in some pain for several weeks. The timing could have been worse — it could have taken out the football season. Anyway, though the occasion wasn’t exactly the best, we got to talk in the car. I should do better about planning one to one occasions because I notice that when I do chance to be alone with one of the kids or at least a bit more alone (Aidan was in the car too), we have conversations we don’t usually have in the normal course of things. He was talking about his dreams and the challenges he has been trying to set himself to accomplish his goal. Being the introvert I am, sometimes I find it a challenge to talk person to person with a young adult-ish child — both Kevin and I have a bit of difficulty there — but it seems worth it too.
Aidan was with us. In the clinic setting, he went into doctor mode, asking Sean medical questions and trying to inspect Sean’s foot, which kept SEan in a state of amused hypervigilance. Sean has been pretty good about the whole thing. He worries about his minor aches and pains but when he really has something to complain about, he doesn’t, at least not much. He didn’t even move when the doctor put the hydrogen peroxide on the cut, though he told me in the car it stung and that he was consciously trying not to react. I remember how I used to do exactly the same thing when I was about the same age. How patronizing this all sounds, reading back over it. Polonius again. I shall have to watch that in myself.
Later today we have Homeschool Stations of the Cross and this evening we pick up Kevin at the airport.

I think I’ll let Sean sit around watching Arsenic and Old Lace with his foot up on a pillow but I will get Kieron to do his Friday reading. I suppose I’ll ask SEan if he wants his books since he might find today boring. Usually he is constantly in action except when he’s reading or watching something.

Aidan has some allergic-looking rash over all his back. I have no idea what it’s about. He keeps wanting me to scratch him.

Paddy has been coloring with markers and asking me to guess what the pictures are.

Our school year seems to be slowly sliding into oblivion. I do intend to make one last push and accomplish some goals before we stop for summer proper.