Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday Strategizing

I uploaded these checklists to help get us through the next few weeks before we phase into summer.

Weekly chart for Kieron (year 5)
Weekly chart for Sean (year 8 )

Aidan’s Therapy Sheet

Paddy seems to be catching the literacy motivation bug. Yesterday evening he spent a lot of time scribbling on old post-it notes and dropping the notes in various corners, saying they were from the “easter squirrel”.

He spent hours and hours today drawing maps using different types of markers and crayons. Gradually this phased into making pictorial battles. He wanted me to play with him. The battles phased from pictorial into dramatic role playing and back into pictorial — the pen and sword parallel in the famous quote about pens being mightier than swords took on new meaning as we crossed pens several times.

Aidan was working on HWT again today and Paddy started doing it too. He spent quite a while making letters and naming them — he seems to know most of them, SOMEHOW. I didn’t teach him.

The book I’m presently reading, The Book of Learning and Forgetting (HT: A Room of My Own) makes the point that in a literate household, children join the literacy club simply by virtue of being in a household where the senior members of the “club” read and write. Long before they can read and write themselves, they are participating in the club, unless someone teaches them they are not good enough to participate or that it is difficult and unpleasant to be part of the club.

Since strewing and observing and encouraging is going so well for these little ones, I’m going to simply keep making the materials accessible, interchanging to keep it interesting, and disciplining myself to be part of their discovery process (telling them: “Mom’s too busy reading to teach you to read right now” isn’t exactly the role model I want to be! )

What’s working for them right now:

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