Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 55

Today I was up reasonably early and the day went well. When the boys asked what they were supposed to do today, I could just hand them the printouts I mentioned in yesterday’s log. I told them that we were phasing back now in readiness for summer, and they were all right with that : ). Those forms also make it easier to copy out what they actually did — the blank ( ) means they both did it and where they did different things, I put their initials.

  • ( ) Mathematics — computer
  • ( ) Latin — computer drill
  • ( ) Weekly Jobs
  • ( ) Faith and Life
  • ( ) Greek — 1 page of Hey Andrew
  • ( S ) Outlining (K) Simply Grammar
  • ( ) Reading (this spot is for them to list what they are reading: Sean is reading Father Brown and Kieron is reading Boxcar Children and Hardy Boys).

They were finished in a timely manner and went on to have computer time, while Aidan and I spent a long time working on Montessori moveable alphabet book for him using letters and pictures from this site. He got some good scissor practice and had a lot of fun matching the letters up to the word cards.

He and Paddy also played Starfall.

Paddy doing Handwriting without Tears yesterday.