Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 47

Another quick, simple work day. It has snowed continuously since last night — who would’ve thought? Feels like we’re back in January! So Aidan and Paddy’s first T ball practice was cancelled, obviously, which worked out OK. My eye feels better but I still can’t walk around much and develop a headache and blurred vision as the day goes on.


  • Math
  • Latin Quia
  • Greek
  • Outlining
  • copywork — write out the first five Latin sayings, then look up the translations if you need to.
  • Story of the Church
  • Beric of Briton


  • Math — we did timed multiplication drills and he was encouraged to see how much faster and more fluent he is than he was last spring. The other encouraging thing is that the One a Day memorization fact challenge is working and he can remember the facts we’ve worked on immediately without having to calculate.
  • Reading — I gave him Flame over Tara and he is also reading Paddy the Beaver and a library book about Gila Lizards.

Aidan and Paddy:

  • Matching blocks
  • Duplo construction
  • Drew on chalkboard (Clare was using the chalkboard to draw Euclidean propositions and diagram Latin sentences and fortunately it is a 2-sided easel so she was working on one side while they were working on the other side — cute!)
  • I read: The Man who Carried the Cross for Jesus (Arch book), and a couple of Winnie the Pooh stories to them.

We watched the bits of Pirates of the Caribbean that the little ones could see (mostly the wheel fight) and Clare listened to the credit music and tried to transpose it to the keyboard and violin. We also did one of those “movies as literature” type discussions (I first read about this concept in Kathryn Stout’s column: Getting More out of Movies Part One and Part Two , but Julie Bogart also talks about it in her Bravewriter blog — anyway, this has always come naturally to our family because Kevin is such a movie aficionado and I am an English lit major).

I just got CHC’s Lesson Plans for Preschool and Kindergarten, and it just arrived today. I haven’t ever really needed preschool or kindergarten plans before and I don’t know that I do now, but I had heard good feedback from various friends about how it incorporates Catholic culture ideas into the day, and I figured that with Aidan staying in an extended kindergarten program and Paddy not yet kindergarten age but interested in doing what his brother is doing, I would get my money’s worth out of it.