Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 46

I was going to title Monday’s log “It’s my blog and I can whine if I want to: )” But I was too disheartened even to drag myself to the keyboard to whine : (. On Saturday night Paddy somehow managed to jam his thumb into my eye while I was trying to move him while he was asleep. It was pretty painful. I keep visualizing those hospital pain scales with the faces all the way from smiling (feeling great) to crying (lots of pain). I was pretty close to the crying one all Sunday and Monday. Added into that was active hay fever and a time of the month when I’m usually feeling nauseous and crampy anyway. Today I feel better — enough to complain anyway — aren’t you glad! I am wearing a patch over my eye to protect a scratched cornea but I think it is mostly better now. … down to the mildly wry face on the children’s pain scale anyway.

Yesterday I did math with Sean — fortunately it was finding slope and y-intercept which he is finding fairly easy. Then I gave him independent work: Greek, outlining, Latin, and a section from Inos Biffi’s Introduction to the Liturgical Year (since I couldn’t find his usual catechism book and can’t see well enough to hunt).

Kieron got another day off except for math and Latin drill. I spend about an hour helping Clare with math and then we had some interesting philosophical discussions.

On the bright side, the kids have all been trying to fill in for me — even the little ones have been trying to ask siblings for drinks and things rather than run to me as they usually do. Clare has been working hard to fill in the home management gaps and also get a new handle on her studies.

Last night we had a huge clattering hailstorm complete with thunder and lightning. The older kids and Kevin were getting ready to watch Pirates of the Caribbean II so the intro soundtrack was looping again and again. On top of this Clare was practicing a Gregorian chant for Easter. I was lying on the bed completely unable to open my eyes. The sounds all together along with my blindness were indescribably eerie, like the opening to some murder mystery or something. It is odd how much I don’t notice I rely on my vision to stabilize reality for me.