Friday, March 09, 2007

Day 35

I wrote out a post for today and lost it… sigh. It’s Lent, I guess!
I’m not going to write the whole thing out again, just summarize…
Today was a light day as far as academics. Math and Latin were online drills. Sean finished the copywork and outlining activity he didn’t get to yesterday, and did his usual Thursday readings.

I did Roman History and Bible History with Kieron, and he narrated, and he did handwriting on his own. He worked a little more on a story. We reviewed the ASL signs and learned a couple more, and went on to a new Greek root – graph. He read a library book called Life in the Rain Forest.

We cleaned the house. The pingpong table is still up and the boys have been playing with it quite a bit.

The OT came and they did a routine pretty similar to last week’s, and I don’t have the energy to write it out. She wants Aidan to start therapy horseback riding this summer. That would be nice, but it’s a 60 mile one way trip to the ranch plus whatever the price is for the actual riding. Ouch.

I got to go for a walk with Kevin, and Aidan in the stroller. If you happen to be that man in the truck that asked for directions, please know that we did not mean to send you in the wrong direction, and we are sincerely apologetic.

Today is supposed to be planning today but I am in that dreary period that comes about three to four weeks after I start any new type of routine. I spent the planning time shuffling and reorganizing and hoping my mind would start working.

I could write out a whole litany of half-complaints. Which I won’t. But sometimes it is just plain hard being a mother. I’m usually OK with the things that confront me directly, but the little things that slowly build into big things can be tough.

Aidan got out a pen and wanted to write letters. So I gave him an old half-used CHC Letters for Little Folks. Those hollow letters really helped him and he produced some near approximations.

He asked me to change the batteries in the old V Tech electronic cash register. My older kids hate them, but those little V Tech toys have been really useful. I never bought them with the olders, but with Aidan’s motor problems he needed something that would have high reward for little effort. He has actually picked up a lot from playing with them. Anyway, he and Paddy have been playing number games all day.

A milestone for Paddy — his first short chapter book. Noddy Comes to Toyland… I read it to him about three times today. I had these when I was a kid — they are a bit silly but very child-friendly. He calls the chapters “levels” — as in, “Now we’re on level 7!”