Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 34


  • Math
  • Ways of the Woodland Folk
  • History of English Literature
  • Landscape with Dragons (we don’t agree with all of O’Brien’s thesis about “gnosticism” and some of the books and movies that he pans are favorites of ours but the book raises interesting questions which I think are appropriate for children at the middle-school/high school age to ponder - ).
  • Black Horses for the King

Still to go: Latin, copywork (Ephesians), and a book on outlining.

He has been playing bionicles with Brendan.


  • Seabird
  • Archimedes
  • John Bosco (reading that one now)
  • finished copywork from Monday (or at least did another line — I haven’t checked yet)
  • Grammar — using Simply Grammar by Charlotte Mason
  • Memory work — times tables, ASL signs (even Paddy has been signing recently)

Free Reading: rereading Scarecrow of Oz. I am going to start giving him books to read as I am doing with Sean, because he has such an appetite for reading that he keeps rereading the same ones over again.

I don’t think he’s done Latin yet and we still have to do math. Yesterday the whole day went by and so he had to do math by himself after dinner (a drill from the back of the book on multiplication). He did not enjoy that so he does want to get math done before dinnertime today.

He has started writing a bionicle story so he has gotten his language arts in for today. We talked about capitalizing sentences.

I forgot to mention that music this week has been:

  • Mozart (Greatest Show on Earth)
  • Beethoven Adagios
  • Celtic Moon

They have both been rereading Star Wars books.

We got out the ping-pong table yesterday and have been playing impromptu games. Also, I was digging through the closet yesterday and dug out some Oriental paper balls and a toy that operates like a helicopter (you rub it together in your hands and if you do it right it doesn’t kick back and hit you in the face but soars off into the air), and some old styrofoam airplane kits. So we were doing miscellaneous experiments with air, including an adventure with a ladder when the copter thing got stuck up in our log rafters.

Today we went to the library as well and ran a couple of other short errands.