Saturday, February 17, 2007

Planning Saturday

This is a bit late, but I’m going to do a quick weekly summary and general plans. It looks likeI missed doing a summary last week — wonder why? Anyway, this one will be a bit sparse but this is reality.
Sean (14)

  • Key to Algebra — finished through page 33, which means he will be in book 8 next week.
  • read a couple of sections of Story of the Church and narrated one section, briefly but accurately.
  • read the next section of Our Life in the Church.
  • daily Latin Quia, also did a quiz and did well. We have started reviewing the paradigms and proverbs.
  • started Hey Andrew Greek Level 3.
  • read a couple of sections of Legends of Chivalry.
  • Started Celtic Heritage Saints.

Next week he should finish Book 7 of Key to Algebra by about Wednesday and start the first couple of pages of Book 8. We have started discussing what he will do then…. whether a bit of review of arithmetic, or go into geometry.

Continue the books he has been reading and hopefully start Brendan Voyage. I think I’ve been holding off on that one because he hasn’t had the experience of reading “living geography” beyond books written for children, like the Hollings C Hollings ones. So it will be a bit of a jump.

The books I have given him to read for free time are Tracker, Fingal’s Quest by Madeleine Polland, and I’m going to give him The White Stag by Kate Seredy.
Kieron (11):

  • He is up through Lesson 48 in Saxon 65. We are doing the “multiplication fact per day” memory thing and so far it is working.
  • Latin: same as Sean.
  • Credo I Believe: we read and discussed.
  • 2 sections of Bible History and did q&a and also discussion with SEan
  • 2 of Story of the Romans, and narrated.
  • He did a few more pages of Hey Andrew.
  • He read another chapter of St John Bosco.

In his free time he has listened to books on tape — Boxcar Children and Long Patrol and also has been reading St Brigid’s Cloak, and a book of Irish stories I got from the library, and Tomie de Paola’s Bible Stories. Plans:

  • Math, up to lesson 53.
  • Continue the books he has been reading.
  • Start working on a notebook.

For both of them I’d like to do some drawing and possibly set up some sort of art table where they could pick and choose projects.
Aidan (7):

  • Continue with Handwriting Without Tears as mainstay of reading/writing. Work a bit on Montessori Red Letter Book since comment about textured letters being helpful. Use the cornmeal tray (which is also often used by Kieron and Paddy as a battlefield for their pirates). Work on pattern words since he likes them so much…. maybe type them in and print them out? (meant to do this last week but forgot)
  • Look for easy math books to look with him at from the Living Math site.
  • Try mats as a way to contain activities with lots of little pieces and help with sibling boundaries. Theresa is going to try them too!

Liturgical Year: this week starts Lent and I have some resources gathered so have some discussions and activities and reading connected with that season. The kids usually give up something. My daughter has a post up about her personal plans for Lent. And Faith has a LOT of nice reading ideas which I am going to steal consult. We have the same bookshelf, I think!

We didn’t really have a milestone of the week, except that our homeschool group finally managed to pull off a meeting. Last time we met was mid-December! There have been lots of health and other issues keeping it from happening. But we had a late St Valentine’s Day party and the kids had a LOT of fun getting to have that peer socialization.
Not quite seasonal…. but some of the same main characters.