Thursday, February 08, 2007

Day 20

This is actually written on Wednesday evening but the timestamp uses eastern time and that’s OK; because after the walk on the lake today Kieron got energized to get ahead of his game. He did online math and Latin, then we did two lessons of Saxon, bringing us up to #43. Then he did more Latin and the “betas” in Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek. He thinks the title is hilarious because his uncle, my brother is called Andrew and is an Evangelical pastor up in Canada who did learn koine Greek in seminary. Eleven-year-olds find amusement in so many places!
He had checked out a magic book from the library and wanted to show me some tricks. Only moderately successful.

I forgot to mention that earlier today he picked up the Usborne “Young Scientist’s Book of Electricity” that I had strewed and read some of it, and then did a couple of the experiments with static electricity. Sigh — if I had just written an index card ahead of time for this it would have been like one of Teresa’s Learning Station assignments. And I would have felt like an awesome homeschool mom; but even strewing and then interacting with him through the investigation was pretty good preparation by my standards.

I got out a dinosaur floor puzzle for the little ones and Kieron helped them solve it.

He is reading Pirates of Pompeii again.

I also forgot to mention that all three of the younger boys narrated their lake experience in their own ways, all spontaneous, but that counts too. We went outside again later in the day and Kieron took the littlies sledding.

Sean is reading one of the Rosemary Sutcliff books and read the next sections of Story of the Church and Athanasius.

Brendan finished the Father Brown mysteries and is reading Warren Carroll’s Christendom books (historical narrative from a Catholic perspective).

Clare is still reading Gone with the Wind.

Music for the day: Mozart. Yesterday was Clancy Brothers. Aidan was so cute — he stood by the CD player listening with his hands clasped, and then breathed “I LIKE this music.”
Tomorrow I will be planning, we will clean the house and have maintenance-type academics. Aidan has two therapy appointments.

Oh! The other thing that was going on this evening was the first filming of the mystery movie. I agreed to keep the littlies in my room (I read to them) while the older ones filmed the first part.

Aidan is cast as the inspector’s assistant who solves the case while the inspector is on vacation — or actually, at college, as the case is in fact! Details here.