Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day 19

Today got off to a slow start. Sean was tired (part of being a teenager) and I was tired too, having stayed up late last night.

We managed to get through math and Latin, but I hesitated to load a bunch of other things on them. I really want to experiment with following my intuition on that. I unschooled pretty much completely for a year and a half, and the kids stayed on track or past that. So many times I’ve pushed us and it’s gone poorly, NOT from a discipline point of view but from a learning success point of view. Anyway, I made the judgment call that today we didn’t need books so much as variety and time with the natural world.

Kieron took the little boys outside with him in the morning — it is still nice here. At 11 am we headed over to the lake near our house as I had planned to do yesterday but hadn’t gotten around to. We spent about an hour over there — just the three youngest and me.

When we got back, Clare had finished the script for their first murder mystery movie and was gathering costumes. Kieron also went into the hardware store by himself and bought a spray bottle with his own money. Life skills : ). So it was definitely a different type of day. A bit of “masterly inactivity“, perhaps.