Friday, February 02, 2007

Day 15

Quick run-down on the week:


  • Saxon 65 lessons 33-38
  • Latin Quia daily
  • Bible History chapters 11-12-13 - Abraham
  • Credo I Believe chapter 12
  • Catechism discussion
  • 1st 2 chapters of St John Bosco
  • Story of the Romans chapter 2 and 3 — narration
  • Seabird: Chapter 1.
  • Free Reading: Prince of Ireland’s Son, How to Eat Fried Worms, Hardy Boys and Voyage of the Dawn Treader.


  • Key to Algebra book 7, pages 18-23
  • Our Life in the Church ch 10
  • Daily Quia Latin
  • Story of the Church pp 63-85 — he is up to the time of Constantine
  • Athanasius — first 2 chapters.
  • Reading: Outcast, and Incredible Comparisons.


  • several pages of Handwriting without Tears
  • Pattern Word cards
  • counting games, Starfall.
  • Animal Alphabet puzzle.

I decided not to write out plans for next week in total but in addition to continuing the things I listed above, I would like to introduce Legends of Chivalry to Sean and perhaps Beowulf, and Children’s Homer to Kieron since he said he has not read it and it is the same author as King of Ireland’s son. I also have a couple more books of Irish legends and fairy tales for next Tuesday. It would be nice to introduce some geography and science readings but we will see.

What’s on the Geography list (our emphasis seems to be on the Atlantic and both its sides, so I’m finding some Sea stories to go along with this):

  • Brendan Voyage (for Sean)
  • Seabird (for Kieron)

What’s on the Science/Health list:

  • Joyful Mysteries of Life (for Sean)
  • CHC book about Health (Kieron)
  • World of Insects (fabre) for Sean
  • Archimedes (for Kieron) (in conjunction with building and machine type resources which I’m going to collect and list this weekend).

Fiction to Introduce:

  • Enemies of Jupiter (for Kieron)


  • I want to think of a way into these new resources since we usually have better learning experiences that way.

ETA: OH! Milestone Category: the high points of the week were definitely the puzzle-making and the trip to see college brother on Sunday. In general, a very nice week though I am going to have to be especially careful about not overloading the kids academically, in my planning enthusiasm. Remember to protect their play time (the term “play” is used loosely in reference to teenage projects) and their own incentive.