Thursday, February 01, 2007

Day 14

I put some planning posts up at my other blog:

Also, I’ve put Sean’s Literature List (he’s in 8th grade) and Kieron’s Literature List (he’s in 5th) over there. If nothing else, all this planning has helped me keep away the February blues so far : ). 27 days to go!

Today, in addition to the usual Math (Kieron did 2 lessons) and Latin, the boys did catechism and discussion. Kieron read another chapter of John Bosco. Sean read another chapter of St Athanasius, and he also read another section of Story of the Church and we discussed it. Then we did our Thursday clean-up.

Clare finished the Quizzle History puzzle yesterday and Brendan put quite a few of the dates in, and Aidan did the rest, which provided quite a bit of amusement as Sputnik was launched in 1868 and I think the Sydney Opera House was erected in 600 BC.

Kieron wanted me to bring in the old Notre Dame 3D puzzle we had had in the garage for quite a while. But this was too ambitious for either of us. Brendan volunteered to do it and stayed up late and finished it. It is quite beautiful and is presently perched in the middle of our table.

All in all, it has been a good week. Sean even finally got his football game — Kevin bought him one when he was in town and we’ll just have to return the delayed one if it ever does come, which I doubt.

I like the way Bookworm writes out her weekly plans on her learning notes blog and am going to TRY to do this, but not today. I am rather afraid it will mess up the balance I have right now. Besides, one of the kids wants the computer and I need to go make dinner — spaghetti with meatballs, garlic bread and salad tonight, and baby carrots on the side.