Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 104


  • Bible & Creed Creed in Slow Motion, started chapter 11
  • Poetry: Tennyson
  • Math chapter 15.1 – negative numbers
  • Language Arts Latin p 58
  • Artist study wanderer above the mists
  • History: This Country of Ours chapter 54 – war in Canada -- narrated and discussed
  • Exercise or play with guys
  • Johny Tremain -- didn't do that because I had phone calls to make, he read GWW and narrated instead
  • 2-15 min clean
  • Literature: Robinson Crusoe chapter 5 -- narrated
  • outdoors went out for a few minutes with siblings
Didn't get to:
  • Science: Lab or Research
  • recorder
(the day was already feeling a bit packed -- and he did science stuff earlier in the week when he did some magnet projects Brendan decluttered from his closet).

He did quite well on the narrations today and seems to accept the value... so far... I have been having him compare his retention of the readings he DOES narrate, compared with the ones he doesn't.

The first Art Study went well -- I like this artist's mountain pictures, they remind me of Albert Bierstadt's. We looked at it for a bit and he commented spontaneously. He seems to have the kind of mind that does well "dwelling" on something. A more contemplative mindset? I have been trying to narrate after readings myself and I have trouble, so I understand why he finds it difficult.


  • We are reading Lightfoot the Deer now, having finished Jimmy Skunk.
  • I had him draw BIG S's tracing over mine, on construction paper with markers -- this he did much better.


  • typed and printed out some numbers
  • worked on word cards a bit.
  • He's going to a PT/OT eval later today.

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