Monday, March 09, 2009

Day 101

If you look on the sidebar you can see Kieron's weekly schedule. Monday's a light day -- we save it for catch-up and for errand running and housecleaning. So besides cleaning and going to the library, he did most everything on there.

  • Chores (dishwasher, room)
  • Poetry: Tennyson --In Memoriam (part), and one other
  • Math (computer) ---That Quiz -- place value
  • Language Arts --talked about narration; copywork
  • Nature Study --listened to coyote, loon and fox on youtube
  • History: GWW --Frederick the Great, George III -- narrated
  • Weekly House --Pick up, wipe
  • Library and market

With Paddy, over the weekend I read How the Whale Got His Throat (from the Just So Stories), plus a bunch of stories from the Collier Junior Classics. We finished Mrs Peter Rabbit and are now started on Old Man Coyote.

Aidan did a few more "reading lessons" with his Spell to Read and Write cards and with me writing down a story he told. Aidan also did a bit of math from a first grade workbook.

I forgot to mention last week that we played a lot of card games -- UNO and Go Fish and a few hands of poker. ... the three younger boys and me.

The main habits we've been working on are using nice voices and picking up/cleaning up after selves. Still a ways to go.

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