Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 96


  • Tennyson poem
  • George Washington's World -- pages 30 -45
  • Robinson Crusoe chapter 2
  • He is going to do math
  • He drew a bird for nature study.
  • He made cookies
He has been riding on the stationary bike for exercise so I am going to read Johny Tremain and another page of Plutarch to him then.


  • First half of Tale of Prickly Porky -- about 12 chapters
  • a couple of Henry and Mudge books from the library
  • a book called Chicken and Egg -- photos and simple descriptions. Not very glitzy but he has asked me to read it several times -- he's seen chickens at his friends' house and I told him they are getting some more chicks soon so I think that raised his interest level.
  • He tried to write his name
  • He read the first 20 words in SWR -- but he couldn't really spell them.

  • I wrote out the first 20 SWR words on cards and we have gone through them a few times. I thought maybe I can have him memorize them and then go on to the next set, etc, until he has a few more words basically memorized. He seems to enjoy this.
  • He wrote QUIET (with my hand guidance).

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  1. Anonymous4:53 AM

    It always sounds like everybody's productive and happy at your house. I love Henry and Mudge. :-)