Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 92, and schedule for next week for Year 7

I made a weekly schedule for Kieron -- based loosely on a sample schedule in the Ambleside group files.

I uploaded it in 2 doc forms:

Microsoft 2007
Microsoft 1997 -2003

  • Today Kieron read up to page 14 in George Washington's World.
  • He also read several pages of the Introduction to Bulfinch.
  • He read a Tennyson poem.
  • He did math (angles -- he had surprising difficulty -- usually everything is easy for him).
  • I read him another page of Romulus.
Still light days as you see but next week we'll be close to full schedule (the jpg shows the details).


  • Sleeping Beauty
  • The Elephant's Child
  • Gingham Dog and Calico Cat
  • Macavity
  • The Fairy Who Didn't Believe in Children

(all from some sort of anthology of good childrens' stories -- we also read a section of My Father's Dragon which inspired Paddy to go dig out the complete versions by Ruth Gannet that we have around here -- so now he wants me to read those).

Paddy knows how to "add ten" --- and I had him do a bit of spelling from SWR.


  • Wrote numbers with my help.
  • A "together story" -- at the doctor's office -- write and reread.

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