Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 75

The Loneliness One dare not sound
by Emily Dickinson

The Loneliness One dare not sound --
And would as soon surmise
As in its Grave go plumbing
To ascertain the size --

The Loneliness whose worst alarm
Is lest itself should see --
And perish from before itself
For just a scrutiny --

The Horror not to be surveyed --
But skirted in the Dark --
With Consciousness suspended --
And Being under Lock --

I fear me this -- is Loneliness --
The Maker of the soul
Its Caverns and its Corridors
Illuminate -- or seal --
Stations of the Cross and homeschool meeting cancelled today -- Kieron was very disappointed. This is his chance to meet up with his friends.

Lots of good things about living up here, and winter is cozy, but certainly makes it harder for us to connect with others outside the home. I got to chat for a while with the mom who called to say it was cancelled, about K12 (she is involved through the California charter) and special needs (she has a child similar in age to Aidan though less delayed) and about the school financial crunch. But Kieron didn't get to connect at all, and it's hard at his age. The other kids didn't really care.

At home, we continued our unschooly dinosaur unit study -- well, not exactly a unit, more like Five in a Row because we just read Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs and then talked. Kieron again got involved in narrating background knowledge and discussing past books he had read, and Paddy asked lots of questions.... so more like Five in a Row with the kids directing the flow : ). And Aidan keeps working on the dinosaur puzzle.

To console himself, Kieron made cookies. He has been growing quickly -- an inch a month for the past two months.

This weekend I am going to focus on at least preparing some resources and being more present to the kids... that is a problem with our more unschooly seasons, that I just drift off into my own life. I'm looking at AO Year 1 and at the Sonlight/WTM booklist.

Still pouring rain, which makes Sean happy.

Whale Weathervane in Oregon

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