Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 74 -- Separate, Unsteady Ways

The city is caught in the grip of ice--
Trees, walls, snow, are as under glass.
Over crystals, I and the patterned sleighs
Go our separate, unsteady ways.
--"Voronezh" by Anna Akhmatova
This morning, Aidan woke up early, looked pale, threw up and then asked to go back to bed. Kevin and I are still in our past of hasty, scary trips to the ER when Aidan is sick, so this immediately put a sort of vigilant cast to the day. We both took turns slipping into the bedroom to watch him breathe and reassure ourselves; I drove Sean to the bus stop and got my morning things done.

When Aidan woke, he was a little groggy but proceeded to be fine all day. We found that we had caught another squirrel in our live trap... another Douglas. They are cute creatures --John Muir describes them as "by far the most interesting and influential of the California sciuridæ" -- but destructive. They get in our roof and chew like crazy. For the past couple of days Kevin has been setting the live trap and our tally is now four total. We drop them off at a lookout point a couple of miles from our house. You should see them scurry off to climb a tree.

So that was what we did after breakfast (which was homemade waffles). Then we stopped by the library to drop off books and pick up more, but there was a Census Bureau test going on and so we had to hang around for a little while waiting for it to open. At home, Kieron and Paddy were playing with the new Spiderman game for the XBox which Kieron just acquired with his birthday money.

When we got back, it was so warm that I spent some time outside shovelling the layer of ice off the driveway. It was mildly rainy today -- nice to have the precipitation without the snow. Aidan stayed out there with me and talked.

The rest of the day was quiet. Aidan has managed to figure out the Frank Shaeffar dinosaur floor puzzle. I did a lot of things on the computer -- too much, probably, and nothing that was really work.

Clare and Kevin read downstairs by the fire and I came down and sat with Aidan and played with him. I haven't been sleeping too much recently so I had a longish nap on the couch.

Sean came home from high school and started right in on his homework, which is a good habit he has acquired.

We found we had caught another squirrel, and so as dinner was cooking (two kinds of pasta, and garlic bread) we went and dropped it off.

We had dinner, and I gave the kitchen a good clean and got Sean's lunch ready for tomorrow. The Catholic Unschooling yahoogroup has been doing a Flylady Challenge, and sharing what we've accomplished around the house. This seems to help motivate me to get a bit extra done.

Kieron has been rereading Redwall books. Paddy has been listening to me read Magic Schoolbus in the Time of the Dinosaurs, Dr De Soto (by William Steig), and a few others I can't remember right now.

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