Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Week 15 -- History Cards

Timeline Cards (both in PDF)

Early New World Discoverers
Scientists 1 (the scientists are taken from the first few chapters of The Boy Scientist, an Ambleside recommendation)

The weird borders on the jpgs are just artifacts from Word editing-- they aren't like that on the PDFs.

It is beautiful fall weather outside so the boys have been outside adventuring. I did do morning time but that is about all. I may work a bit with Kieron later... I was planning to have him work with these timeline cards but it took longer to make them than I expected.

Kieron has been doing a brain-game on the computer which includes a math component so there is that for informal learning; also, all the younger boys have gotten a fair bit of use from the whiffle ball on a string that the OT left behind.

Later I'm going to try to rig up some sort of timeline background where he can place the cards.

I can support these by making quizlets, too. I have one timeline quiz up already.

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