Sunday, November 23, 2008

History Planning -- Native Americans

Pictorial plans for the pre-Columbian unit which will take place over the next 3-4 weeks..... see photos below. Advent is starting right after the Thanksgiving break, so the regular history will take a back seat eventually as other things take over.

Another book not pictured here is Favorite North American Legends, which I plan to read aloud to the children over the next three days.

I also have a few coloring books which I haven't dug out yet, and a few of these Draw Write Now books.

Other resources are at the Thanksgiving post and I also found this page of Native American worksheets.

If you remember, I made these History Pages to be used for this study.

These are the contents of a few old-fashioned books, probably too easy for Kieron really and too advanced for the other ones but I thought I'd list them anyway.

California Standards (Native Americans)
California Social Studies Standards correlated with lesson plans

This is a group of books that aren't directly related to the central unit but that I thought might be interesting and somewhat related for springboards for further studies.

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  1. When I was heavily into my Native American phase (mid to late high school) I read a lot of Basil Johnston's books. He was a Canadian Ojibwa who was a professor specializing in etymology and myths of the Ojibwa. His books Ojibway Heritage, Ojibway Ceremonies, and Tales the Elders Told are all good.

    I ended up doing Woodlands and Plains bead embroidery, and learning a fair amount of Ojibway and Cree. I can still say useful things like "I have a bad cat" (Neen ayau matchi gauzhug), and "Silly white man who thinks he's an Indian", (Anishnabakauzo).

    They have two different words for truth- Debwae, which means As I understand, have been lead to believe, know with limited knowledge, and Gaeget, That which is true.

    I know Northern Indian things might not be applicable or interesting to Southern California, but you just reminded me.

    I was WAY better at Ojibway than Latin.