Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 48

I did a bit of writing of the Term Exams for Year 7 (google doc form). I will probably be adding to it during the week.

Today was our light day. We finished reading about the Spanish Armada, read a bit more of Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and finished The Tale of Despereaux. It turned out that I liked this book very much indeed and so did Paddy and Kieron both. Such books are not all that common.

Kieron did a decimal and integer place value review at He had no trouble.

Paddy did some pages from Developing the Early Learner, and worked on subtraction with visuals from MCP Math A. Then he read a story from Little Angel Reader B on the tortoise and the hare.

He did a couple of games linked from Internet4Classrooms, too.
Aidan did Starfall.

Oh, and also the OT came and played several games with them. She is working on Brain Gym activities with them. We did Owl Movement and Pease Porridge Hot. Aidan caught a ball while on a balance board, and Paddy and I played catch with a ping pong ball. They also played a game where they climbed over a bench and then put their hands in a bag and had to guess what they had grabbed. I really ought to do more of this kind of thing with them; honestly, it tires me out just watching and smiling encouragingly ;-). Bad Mom.

This week I am going to spend some time thinking about the little ones -- I want to make some manipulatives for Aidan since he gets lots of mileage out of them. And think about this kind of creative movement, how to make it work.

Also, I want to plan what to read for the beginning of next term.

Kieron needs more hands-on activities, too. My default is to skimp on these things. I ought to at least introduce them.

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