Monday, November 03, 2008

Day 43

Morning Time

  • 2 chapters of The Blood Red Crescent -- we finished it!
  • 2 more sections of Lepanto by GK Chesterton -- very quick stealth lessons on visual imagery and on background notations about some of the scenes in the poem.

Kieron's Monday Computer School

  • -- dividing decimals
  • An online geography game on identifying regions of the US -- this is in preparation for the next unit on pre-Columbian America.
  • Weekly housekeeping jobs
  • Went outside for a while.

Paddy and Aidan

  • both played Starfall reading games for quite a while, notably the Dolch sight words matching game, which is good for visual memory AND word recognition.
  • Cut up a hundreds chart with scissors (this is actually a good scissors game -- I cut it into strips by tens and then they cut the tens into ones.
  • Both worked on an alphabet floor puzzle. Paddy did it once and Aidan has worked on it several times over the last couple of days.

Other Activities
  • Paddy and I did some adding games. I wrote 2 sets of numbers from 1-5 on index cards, and then we each got two cards and had to add and see who got the biggest number.
  • Then my two boys' (Kieron and Paddy) gaming instincts kicked in and they made a BUNCH of games. In one, we got two cards and had to arrange them so we got the biggest number possible (place value, comparisons). Then we tried it with 3 digits (Paddy didn't know much about numbers over 100 but he got exposed to the concept today). Then we played a few more games of that sort.
  • Aidan and Kieron and Clare and I went to the library.
  • Quite soon the OT is coming so there will be more activities then.
Last week I read a bunch of Catholic Treasure Box magazines to Paddy. Also, he is still into the Magic School Bus so we have read those a couple more times too.

This is review week (mostly for Kieron since the younger ones are mostly learning in bits and pieces anyway) and next week is for exams so sometime this week I want to start writing those out.

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