Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aidan's Work

Aidan has had a busy week. Just to mention one thing, he has been devising all sorts of scissors activities for himself. .... I suppose he has been inspired by watching me make cards for him.

I printed out a set of numbers and he cut them out. Later in the week he did the same thing only with phonograms.

Yesterday, after I printed out some Starfall materials and worked on them a bit, he devised a neat game. He wrote words on index cards (or I wrote them sometimes), then cut out the separate letters with craft scissors, then reassembled the letters to make words. This was quite a wonderful game, combining scissors practice with spelling, writing and whole to parts/parts to whole.

Even though the card games take a while to assemble, I think it is paying off for this very concrete, hands-on child. He is learning some creativity and motor processing along with the 3Rs. I am getting lots of ideas watching how he reacts to the materials.

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