Monday, October 20, 2008

History Pages

I made some"pages" for use in review, notebooking, etc.

Explorer Page (pdf)
Event Page (pdf)
Famous Person Page (pdf)

They are much the same except for the questions, so I only put the event page up as a gif.

On the gif, the timeline is fixed at 1500-1700 since that's the period we are studying, but the pdfs have blank timelines.

Sean did something a bit like this when I was starting him off writing short research papers. He would use the worksheet for a starter and then pull out the information to write a simple 1-2 paragraph paper. So I thought I would try something that like with Kieron occasionally.

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  1. Thank you for posting these, Willa! I am particularly fond of the event page - I'd been bemoaning the fact that the kids aren't "producing" anything when we do history, but I didn't want it to be only busywork. I wanted something that would *help* them organize the information in their brains. This is perfect!! Thanks again!