Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 43

We woke up to rain. The forest around us looks like it is melting in autumn colors -- cool grey-greens and delicate fiery tones of gold and orange-brown, set off by the grey sky.

It's Halloween, so today has been a bit different than usual. For one thing, Paddy is still in sugar-shock from yesterday's homeschool party. The kids wanted to be in the rain, so they were in and out all day. This, I count as part of the curriculum which really ought to include more out-of-doors time than it actually does.

  • I read 2 chapters of The Blood Red Crescent to Kieron and Paddy.
  • Then I read a bit of Chesterton's poem to Kieron.
  • Then we looked for outdoors jackets -- haven't really needed to use them before this so they were buried deep. And they went outside a few times (Nature)
  • Then I had him do math online -- review on order of operations.
  • Then I assigned him a written exercise in Latin. He is groaning about it since we do most of it verbally under ordinary circumstances.

That's about it. On his own time he read a bio of St John Bosco (religion, reading).

This week I read Paddy a few science books which I forgot to mention before:

  • Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats
  • MSB and the Beehives
  • MSB and Weather
Aidan half-listens to these too.

This week 11 will be review week. My project for this weekend is to figure out what and how to review.

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  1. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I remember reading J. that bat book. :-) It sounds like you had a great day, even with the sugar shock. I love the way you described the fall colors.