Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 41

Another review day for Kieron, pretty much exactly like yesterday. Notes:

  • We finished The Shakespeare Stealer. .. the last 5 chapters.
  • In Latin, we've started Unit III (looking at the vocabulary). I'm having him review the grammar we've learned so far by declining a couple of nouns from the vocabulary list every day.
  • He seems to rather enjoy the review readings and worksheets we are doing for Renaissance/Reformation and Chemistry. Doing these, though, I'm seeing why it wouldn't be a complete education to rely on them. That kind of information does not stick in the brain in the same way as the material from a "real" book. I think some summaries are useful for a framework at his age, though.
  • We did part of this Peter Rabbit cloze for grammar. It actually is a quite valuable pre-composition/literary discernment activity as well as a verb sensitivity exercise, and he enjoyed it. It made him want to do mad-libs though, so I am going to look for some of those for next week.

  • Read the subtitles in a cartoon. Wow! He can really read.
  • Read part of a story in an Aesop's Fable reader.
  • Did simple addition, subtraction and multiplication mentally.
  • Wrote a "P" and an "A".

Aidan (who is a bit sick today and last night).

  • matching numbers.
  • tried to read a bit of Go Dogs Go.

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