Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 31

A quick update -- today I was quite sick but luckily it was our minimal day. I had to cancel Aidan's OT, though.

Morning Time

I finished reading the tale of The Tempest --- Kieron was disappointed that Caliban didn't really come into it after the beginning ;-). We read 2 more chapters of The Shakespeare Stealer.

Then we looked at and discussed a map of the division of Europe after the Reformation. (from Historical Atlas of the World)

Other bits and pieces

Kieron did Math on Thatquiz. -- finding perimeter and area.

He read more of The Jungle Book. That wrapped up the academic day.

Not much done with the little ones. Aidan has been into spelling words with his magnets on the refrigerator. He has quite a collection on the fridge door. .... van, bus, cat, dog, etc. He also surprised me by picking out the word "book" from a page the other day.

I read to Paddy a bit and asked him a few math problems from Ray's Primary Arithmetic, but mostly I just slept.

BBQ'd ham sandwiches on toasted hoagies for dinner, grated cheese and pickles and onions on the side, along with fries, and sliced apples. And storebought cinnamon rolls for dessert -- courtesy of Grandma who brought them by last week. So a sort of processed, diner type meal but our freezer is a bit bare and I didn't feel up to anything "real".

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