Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day 29 -- Conference Day

Inservice Day

I am "counting" this day, but it will be an unschooly day for sure. For evidence, I will cite the fact that my 9 year old is asleep (we all have colds) and my 12 year old and 5 year old are making a huge tent -- the kind that looks like the cobwebs on our ceiling rafters, only traversing half our loft. Oops, the 9 year old woke up!

I read several chapters of The Tale of Despereaux to Paddy this morning, at his request. His aunt was reading it to him when we were at Oregon. Since I am starting in the middle, I asked him about the story a little, and it appears he can comprehend enough of the nice, old-fashioned language to grasp the plot line, at least.

He also read me the bookmark : ). Gee, he can really read. Also, I forgot to mention that a few days ago while I was napping he was reading to me from Tintin. When he got to the long parts he would say "blah -blah-blah" : D.

Then he did about ten pages of his first grade math workbook, and about 4 pages of his MCP PHonics B. Orally, not in writing. I didn't tell him to do all that. I usually ask him to do one or two, but once he's on a roll.....

And now Kieron is making him do little odd jobs for "fake money" to get into the tent. Though this type of situation is potentially volatile, they seem to be enjoying it so far. It's just that I have to think of the jobs, which makes it difficult to focus on writing ;-). Could be worse, I suppose.

So in general, Paddy had a pretty full first grade day.

Kieron finished reading The Gauntlet which I gave him yesterday.

General Life Log:

  • We were busy yesterday, since Clare had an orthodontist appointment in town 60 miles away. While we were in town we did some shopping, and then Sean had a doctor's appointment after his football practice. We stopped by his school and hung around until practice was over. The doctor looked at his knee and thought it was all right. I let Sean do most of the talking.
  • At night Sean got bogged down with his geometry homework. He was tired and so was I. I could NOT figure out how you were supposed to calculate parallel and perpendicular lines from an equation. Finally I got it, and explained it to him so that he semi-got it. Then I dreamed about them all night. I doubt if Sean did, though.
Sean's high school is having short days for the next couple of days, for parent/teacher conferences. I may just call today something similar (a conference for me and myself, LOL) and
devote some focused time for restart. Since we got back I've been having trouble refocusing, so some planning and brainstorming time might help. It's nice outside, so maybe we will do some nature type things.

The Bookworm linked in Outdoor Hour to this Handbook of Nature Study blog by Harmony Art Mom. Also, while I'm talking about "subject blogs" or "teaching blogs", I put some on my sidebar this weekend. And my friend at Our Hearts Haven told me about this Homeschooling Thespian blog which doesn't seem very active right now, but looks like a good resource. There are some links on the sidebar which would be fun to explore.

The kids have added a flashlight to the tent-world experience.

I am going to try to read to Kieron later. I want to find out what happens with the Lepanto book. I love fall, and crackling fires, and adventure stories.

So, the agenda, should we get to it:

  • Afternoon Time (slacker substitute for Morning Time)
  • Outdoor Hour
  • Some baking?
  • Planning Time (I want to look for coloring books for the children -- maybe print out and organize some of those October ideas)

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