Friday, September 05, 2008

Week in Review #3

I am going to write the week in review on Friday mornings, so that means that Friday will be logged as part of the following week. Last Friday we didn't have school because that was the day we went into town to buy our used van, and it took up the better part of the day.

This "week" will be short, only 3 days, because of the fact that Monday was a holiday and Friday will be logged for next week.

Year 7


  • Labor Day -- no school

Tuesday Day 8 -- light day

  • Math Drill Online (
  • Quia Latina Christiana
  • Weekly Chores
  • Finished reading He Went with Magellan

Wednesday -- Day 9

Read and discussed:

  • Coyote in the Land of the Dead
  • Finished chapter 1 of Creed in Slow Motion
  • Discussed Gospel a bit

Latin -- nominative plurals
Greek -- first 8 vocabulary words
Logic -- self-supporting statements -- reading and exercise
Math -- review of division and divisibility -- made chart

Read Independently:

  • about Mayans (from CK 5)

Notes to Myself:

  • Start reading Francis Xavier
  • Find a read-aloud.
  • Poetry
  • Art study -- saints?
  • Use Magnificat to find themes and readings for the day.

Thursday -- Day 10

Read and discussed:

  • Julius Caesar (from Core Knowledge 5)

Math -- long division
Greek -- prepositions "in" and "on"

Read/Did Independently:

  • Thatquiz (Algebra)
  • Copywork "I am the Alpha and Omega..." (RV) -- discussed this
  • Chapters 1-2 He Went with Vasco de Gama
  • Chapter 1 -- Francis Xavier and the Seven Seas
  • Drawing

Notes to Myself:

  • Starting CIMT for Math
  • Vary reading with "output" type work in independent study time

General Summary for YEar 7

  • Kieron continues to spend 1-2 hours a day making cartoons -- a long-abiding interest of his now. He is definitely getting more sophisticated in humor and turn of phrase, and his spelling and construction is better too. So I am sort of counting that as writing.
  • We still aren't really working at full cylinder but next week will probably start -- no holidays, nothing much going on.

Kieron's copywork. Can you tell which is mine, ie the model? LOL. We have dysgraphia on both sides of the family. This is a nice baseline.

Year 1

  • Aidan did a couple of super -short reading and math lessons.
  • Paddy and I invented a reading game. One thing was that I put action words on little pieces of paper and then we followed them by reading them, and had a sword battle.
  • He also wrote his blog and had me write down the scores of a Pokemon battle.
  • Both of them worked a little in their handwriting books.
  • Both played Starfall a couple of times.
  • I read Paddy lots of books. We usually have 2-3 story sessions a day, and usually I try to work his phonics lesson into the reading, though in stealth mode.


  • Aidan is DEFINITELY getting better at sounding out words, IF he will only sit still. He seems to think we are playing Fugitive Guy when it is time for a reading lesson. If he were Paddy's age I'd drop it like a rock and maybe I still should, but he's nine, even if functioning as a five year old, and I feel I should be doing things with him. But "should" is one of those loaded words that seem to lead to frustration.
  • Paddy is actually reading at a pre-primer level.

Aidan "working" on Daddy's old computer.

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