Saturday, September 06, 2008

Visual Tour of Year 7 Books

I thought I would pictorially show what's in my Year 7 student's book box right now. I might as well start with the basic core -- Greek, , Math, Logic, Latin ;-).

So far all of these are fun and seem to be a nice change of pace from what we did last year. The papers are from this MEP site. .... simple logic puzzles. Kieron really likes these.

Then there are the books -- some of them I read for our Morning Hour and some of them are independent reading. I have been reading some of the stories from the Literature section of Core Knowledge 5. They make good start-offs for further reading in other areas -- for example, "Coyote and the Land of the Dead", from CK5, made me think of the Dancing Horses of Acoma, which in turn seems to help give an idea of some of the pre-Western legends and mythology of N America.

A nice bonus to reading aloud in the mornings is that Paddy is usually an interested listener. He has not had as many opportunities as his siblings to listen to books above his level, because Aidan his nearest sibling is behind him in listening comprehension. So I am making reading aloud to Kieron a priority and trying to choose books and stories that have some potential of being interesting to Paddy as well.

Finally, the religion curriculum:

The open one is Creed in Slow Motion, which I printed out from the internet. We are making slow progress because it gives so many opportunities for discussion -- even asks whether one should believe in the Loch Ness Monster or not ;-).

For Shakespeare, I had planned to start with the Tempest, but Kieron really liked the Core Knowledge retelling of Julius Caesar and it is sort of a Renaissance/Am Gov't book in the sense that it raises questions about government and leadership and the common good, so it seems to fit in here.

"Smoke Jumpers and Fire Fighters" is in there because our library was getting rid of it and I was trying to focus this year on local nature and geography and related local issues. I haven't ever done that before, and am looking forward to it.

What Your Nth Grader Needs to Know has always been a useful resource for me. For me, it provides a good help for brainstorming topics and resources for a particular time period. We get bored if we simply try to read through it, but grabbing bits and pieces here and there and launching off to "related topics" has been nice through the years.

So that is what we are using right now for Year 7.

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