Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today I thought it was a good time to try to go for a change of pace, so we didn't do Latin, Greek or Math. History is the subject we haven't really approached formally at all, so I decided to focus on that today.

First I read to Kieron:

  • Plutarch -- first two pages of Theseus.
  • Shakespear -- Act 1 Scene 1 of Julius Caesar.

Then I set him to work on the MEP Place Value activity sheet. He got a bit frustrated but got all of them right, so we can move on to the next unit tomorrow, though I think we ought to review a bit occasionally.

Then we went over the first 3 questions in the Catholic Family Apostolate Catechism. We have the book but apparently you can now download a version from online for free (my computer wouldn't download it because it was such a whopping big file, but maybe others would have better luck). We discussed the existence of God for a bit (Paddy giving his input very seriously) and First Causes and somehow got onto the topic of the Big Bang. I'm noting it down so I can find some information on that beyond the brief verbal summary I gave him.

For independent study I have listed for him:

  • Read All Ye Lands chapter 8 (over the course of the next week, since it's 30 pages). This is about the Middle Ages and provides some review from last year.
  • Do Lesson 1 in Maps, Charts and Graphs (a map skills book)
  • Read He Went with Vasco de Gama chapters 11-12.
  • Read Knights of Art: Massaccio.
  • Do more of the division worksheet (it is due at the end of this week)
Here's info on Masaccio from Wikipedia.

A weird side tangent -- A Short History of the Shadow with a Masaccio painting of St Peter healing with his shadow.

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