Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 20

Today went a bit differently because I worked with the little ones first while Kieron read, and we didn't get to our morning time reading.


  • 3 pages MCP Phonics B (finding the word to match the picture) -- short "u".
  • Heath Mathematics Chapter 1 Checkup (counting, larger and smaller, more or fewer).
  • Living My Religion primer -- he read the first lesson. Those "sight readers" beloved of the 50's and earlier are perfect for him because he knows so many sight words.


  • Counting (from Heath Mathematics)
  • 1/2 page MCP Phonics B.


Meanwhile, Kieron read up to chapter 14 of He Went with Vasco de Gama. He finished Benedict (Vision Book) and started Philip of the Joyful Heart.
He read all of chapter 8 in All Ye Lands -- review of the Middle Ages. I can't vouch for how much he got out of it since that was a packed 30 pages, but it was review, after all. We discussed why no English king was called John after the first one. For the chapter on the Renaissance I shall make some sort of study guide.

Then, together:

  • MEP Unit 3, section 3.1 on Scatter Graphs
  • Logic -- disagreements in sentences -- Real, Apparent, Verbal -- ex 5.
  • Latin -- he finished the first unit in Latin is Fun. Time for a review.
  • Then some more work on his division drill sheet.... together, and independently.

Once a month, Sean's high school has a teacher "Development Day" where the school closes a bit early so I guess they can do some administrative stuff. This is a practice I shall adopt but I will choose my day of the month according to circumstances. Today I was a bit sick so I got through things quickly and am going to try to do some office/recordkeeping/planning work while they have a bit of time on the other computer.

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