Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Week 2 -- typing out plans

I typed out some of the plans I wrote out for Kieron for Week 2. I don't think I'll write it out in such a complicated form, next time, but I like experimenting with my Word 2007. These are in gif form, so you can click on them to enlarge them (I hope so at least!)

Originally I had just written this down in my binder, one page per subject, in longhand, and it actually seems to go well that way, but it's harder to re-access if I ever need it in future, and I don't much like my own handwriting -- trying to improve that!

I also wrote out plans for Language Arts, "Other Subjects to Keep in Mind" (things I'm not really writing out plans for but don't want to forget), and "review/reinforcement" (I write down ideas and concepts I want to keep reviewing in one way or another).

I also made a short list of plans for the little ones.... mostly just things to keep in mind and work informally into the day.

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  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Those look terrific!