Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day Two

I am typing quickly since this was a busy day and is going to keep being busy!

Today I introduced a couple more subjects to Kieron. My plan is to keep either adding or rotating into a couple more subjects every day until we basically have a method and some familiarity with all the new books -- most of them ARE new.


Math -- we reviewed Properties of Addition (and Multiplication) and I showed him the idea of variables and how you could substitute numbers for the letters to solve the problem -- also, related equations).

Latin & Greek -- for these subjects, we have gone back to two of our oldest resources -- Latin is Fun for Latin, and Basic New Testament Greek in 30 Minutes a Day, both originally acquired because Kolbe Academy used them. I do plan to get to Latina Christiana II (or Henle, we'll see how it goes) but I want to try something a bit different for a little while. Latin is Fun used to be difficult for me because it is hard to teach with little knowledge of Latin, but I am a bit more confident about that now.

So we did a bit of vocabulary from the book, and then the grammar.

Thus concluded the Year 7 school day.

The binder is my recordkeeping solution for him this year. I will put his work inside it -- the dividers are for the months, so I can keep his daily logs, and possibly his work as well, loosely organized. Details to follow -- I'm not sure if it's very interesting, but it does help me to remember it and actually do it if I write it out : ).

On the left side in the above picture is a weekly reading checklist. The details of this will probably change as I get a better idea of what method works best for us!

The little ones:

Paddy had a reading lesson.
They are playing with felts now.

They have been playing more creatively recently and even hanging out in the same space, as you see.

I have been spending the day bringing things upstairs that I brought downstairs last year. It is more spacious up here and easier to find a place to store the learning materials.

Off to make dinner now!

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