Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weekly Planning Routine

Since I need some sort of routine in order to access my resources, I made this one (doc) -- it's a revision of one I had last year. It allows me to work at different things on different days. To be honest, I don't always refer to it, but having it around is very helpful for those weeks that I have trouble figuring out the next step.

The one below is a sort of Getting Things Done lesson planning flow. Again, it's helpful not when I'm on a roll and doing fine, but when I'm having trouble figuring out which mental foot to put in front of the other. This is one of the ADD-type issues I have to provide for. When I first started homeschooling, I varied between being "on" and being decidedly "off". When I was "off" the kids just played -- which wasn't so bad, since they were all pretty young. But it frustrated me because it wasn't "Masterly Inactivity" on my part -- it was a sort of mental lapse. So I try now to provide fall-back options for those seasons when I'm distracted. They DO help -- they do not add up to perfection -- and part of my challenge is remembering to use the helps ;-).

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