Monday, July 07, 2008

Week at a Glance

A simple Week at a Glance (doc form).

I modified a template from Microsoft to make it. I liked the look of the Week at a Glance on a folder at By Sun and Candlelight, so that was my inspiration.

I am not sure if I would actually use it or not... I have a pretty nice 8 x 5 planner that I am comfortable with --which has a 2-page spread for each week.

So really, I was just amusing myself when I worked on this. I like little boxes. : ). Still, when the planner runs out in January I will have to decide whether to refill it or switch to something else, and maybe then this will come in handy.

OH! another way I've used these Week at a Glances is to post them up on the fridge. That way, the family can see where we're zipping off to and when, so it's easier for them to plan too.

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