Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Time Table

A Summer Schedule by Teri Maxwell (and another one)
A High and Noble Calling: Scheduling in the Summer

I wrote these ones quite a while ago (PDF)

Planning for Summer
Summer Days

Also, Elizabeth's daily rhythm (for fall, but I like the format).

I don't really like that word "schedule". Looking up the etymology, I found it is basically a modern word (at least in its modern usage-- it originally meant something like "piece of paper". It is pretty much associated with the industrial world in its present usage, which probably explains why it seems to me like something you impose on top of things, not something that develops out of something.

So I looked up synonyms and found this:

agenda, agendum, appointments, curriculum, inventory, list, menu, plan, program, programme, prospectus, regime, tariff, timetable.

Charlotte Mason used the word timetable; the Ignatians use the word "agenda" which is basically derived from Latin "agere" and traditionally meant "things needing to be done". In deliberative meetings, the agenda may also be called "the order of the day".

And then there is the monastic "Horarium". Here is an example. I love the word, but wonder if it sounds pretentious to use it in the context of the domestic church. Hmm.

Now, is it just me who has to research etymology and collect all sorts of samples before doing anything as simple as planning a schedule?

I put this together and am going to try to work it for the next week or so, figuring out what I forgot or what doesn't work.

See "basic planning" here.

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