Friday, June 13, 2008

Starting to Plan Year 1 -- some lesson plan models

I have been looking for Charlotte Mason lesson plans and have come up with a few things that I want to list -- just a few odds and ends for planning for the little ones for next year:

Personally, I generally have trouble using lesson plans that other people have written. In fact, I think I can say that in 15 years I have NEVER used a lesson plan successfully. Wow, that's pretty amazing. Some of my high schoolers have been able to follow a syllabus independently, and sometimes I get some method ideas from a lesson plan, but I just can't seem to make myself do this.

Lindafay at Higher Up and Further In talks about Charlotte Mason and lesson planning. The basic idea is that Charlotte Mason believed in teacher preparation but not in teacher spoon-feeding. All the lesson plans above seem conducive to preparation as opposed to spoon -feeding. In other words, they provide a valuable resource for people that like a literature-based approach and need a bit of guidance.

I was browsing through the Ambleside site once and found a clip from a post by Wendi Capehart. She said that no matter how well something is laid out for her, she still has to write it out herself. So even with all the Ambleside resources -- forms, plans, etc -- she will look at them and be informed by them but she still has to rewrite it all for herself.

I found that very freeing. I am the same way -- once I acknowledge it I can move on. I get more out of the "how's" of a given lesson plan than the actual content.

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