Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Logic Year 7: Introductory Logic

I decided to try Canon Press's Introductory Logic for my Y7 son. I used it before with my oldest and it was light and do-able and provided an introduction to the topic. It is more of a shotgun than Traditional Logic, including chapters on informal logic, and also some strongly Reformation "sola scriptura" material, at least in the 1997 edition I have (so if you are Catholic, you will want to work with this book alongside your child rather than just handing it over). For us, the Reformed material helps introduce the topic of differences in faith and why.

For supplements or side trails I have Building Thinking Skills 2 (easy for a child this age, but probably fun for a break) and Logic, Anyone -- both from Critical Thinking Press.

My main goal for this course is to introduce some of the terminology and also open some logic-oriented discussions with this son.

The book has exactly 28 exercises. Therefore, it will be incredibly simple to break it down into 7 per term, with the last 2 weeks of each term for review and exams. I plan to write out some reviews and exams later.

For each exercise, we can review the past material for a few minutes and then go through the new exercise. When I did this with my oldest son it only took about 10 minutes twice a week.

Logic 7 overview

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